4 facts about digital marketing services that will impress the business owner

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July 27, 2018
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August 1, 2018
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4 facts about digital marketing services that will impress the business owner

The name ‘Digital marketing services’ itself has many different colors. Just like an iceberg, where only the tip is visible which holds just 10% of the mass, beneath the iceberg lies 90% of its mass area unnoticeable, hidden from above. Likewise, Digital marketing has many unrecognized features which came into practice can surely become a reason for the business owners to smile.

As we all know the digital marketing industry is already huge, at par with its traditional marketing counterpart,if not ahead . Traditional advertising and printing was great, however digital marketing services has transformed everything to a whole new level. You don’t need to go any further just dig into the basic marketing channels and you will find how the whole paradigm has inclined towards the Internet era marketing, however to perform well in here you need to adopt some of the latest tends which are unknown to the masses.

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There are some fascinating facts about digital marketing which are generally unknown to the people because these facts don’t cover too much limelight in mainstream media. I will throw some light on these hidden gems:-

Mobile friendly website

  • Do you know? around 71 percent of the Internet consumption is through mobile. Well, it may not sound like a mind boggling fact however,you may be surprised to know that still there is a large chunk of website which are not yet compatible on android phones which makes it impossible for user to get through the information in the website. It is obvious now that if you don’t have the mobile compatible website, then you are loosing an enormous business.

Local searches

  • Majority of the business go for big fish means they usually go for the customers who are outside of their local area which is good, however that doesn’t mean you will ignore the local potential lying their untapped. Local searches should be the key of your business, local business optimization is easy and necessary  local business listing will be more beneficial for you to tap  local market, rather then far flung areas.

Email marketing is still the king

  • Believe it or not email marketing is still the king of the jungle. No matter, how much veteran this thing has become it is still one of the precious element of the process. A study showed that around 86 percent of the user opens and check their mails regularly so it is an huge number which cannot be neglected.
  •  However, there are some tips for your promotional It should be crisp , information should be short and up to the point no beating around the bush or anything. If this will be the case then the users will more likely to read your email. The best can happen if you hire an digital marketing expert in Gurgaon.

Boost Facebook results by ads

  • Social media marketing is really very interesting, with some sizzling new marketing maneuver-er. Facebook, by far remains the most popular social networking sites among the millennial’s. It attracts a larger segment of population across all the groups. Changes in the Facebook algorithm means you  need to spring up new ads. Facebook advertising is affordable and the site offers plenty of guidance to help. Plus analytics makes it pretty much easier to simply track your results.


I hope the above given information is helpful. For more information check out SEO services in Gurgaon.

Thanks for reading.

Nischay Pasrija
Nischay Pasrija
Nischay Pasrija is CEO of the the Best and Best SEO Company in Gurgaon. You can request the free analysis of your business.

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