4 biggest blunders top digital marketing institute in Gurgaon do

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August 1, 2018
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August 5, 2018
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4 biggest blunders top digital marketing institute in Gurgaon do

Digital marketing institute in Gurgaon are mushrooming up in every tier one and tier two cities. This phenomena has rapidly gain prominence in last couple of years, because of the sheer number of people educating themselves with each and every nuance of digital marketing. Every major city will have at least one big institute which is also providing the certificate courses for digital marketing.

Not only that, there are hundreds of website offering different digital marketing courses  to the professionals as well as the students who are willing to gain knowledge about Digital Marketing which is commendable. As, plethora of digital marketing experts will enter to the industry and it will fill the void gap which has been emptied due to the unavailability of skilled workforce.

Now, this is one side of the story. The other one is,while there is no denying of fact that most of these institutes have an excellent record in teaching and creating top notch workforce. However, because of some blunders in their digital marketing course in Gurgaon has led to a certain percentage of downfall in the student skilled knowledge.

See, these blunders are actually intentional set up by negligence of some teachers or mentors which carries further by the ignorance of the institute as which has led to this deteriorating of this situation.

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I would like to put some light on this matter . What kinds of glitches the digital marketing institute in Gurgaon make in their training course:


No information on how to make  live website:

This is the most common method which is generally neglected by most teachers. Teaching students, how to make a live website is one of the common thing to do.Website is from where the business starts and you can’t afford to overlook it.

Digital marketing starts from opening a website and it is one of the most integral aspect of Internet marketing. Ignoring and not letting your student know how to make a live website is one such big blunder. Even, if you will make them learn some basics of website making is enough, they will at least gain first hand knowledge of website making which will help them further in their careers.


Case studies to be discussed after every module:

Teaching without case studies will probably be equals to studying without a textbook or any book. Case studies should be the core of teaching mechanism. It have some real life anecdotes of what kind of measures adopted by companies in different situations.

Generally, students get an rational idea about how things really work in real life and they can implement those best practices which they have learned through these case studies.


Not discussing about company projects:

Every company regardless of its size have a certain goals to be fulfilled. Their projects are very important for the company. They have a certain aspirations from the younger digital marketing entrants, they are seeking certain traits in these individuals by which they will be able to fulfill their benchmark.

However, digital marketing institutions don’t even bother to tell their students about how sprucing up these qualities will give them a distinctive advantage while going for the placement. Instructors should reach out to the students and discuss about what kind of endeavor companies are expecting from the new entrants. What kind of projects they will handle while working in the industry.


Practical exposure matters:

Practical exposure matter’s and it matter’s a lot. Giving your students hands on experience will certainly propel their initial career in a big way. And they will emulate skills which are necessary for their career growth.

Apart from basic theory about digital marketing, considerable emphasis should be given on the practical outlook.


I hope the above given information is helpful. For more info, check out digital marketing training institute in Gurgaon.

Nischay Pasrija
Nischay Pasrija
Nischay Pasrija is CEO of the the Best and Best SEO Company in Gurgaon. You can request the free analysis of your business.

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