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How to know your SEO is going the right way or the hired agency is fooling you?

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SEO is the process that will help you position your website to be found at when people need your services or product. Firstly what are search engines consider for? How can you frame your website in a way that will wow both your visitors/customers, as well as search engines?

The goal of SEO isn’t to cheat or “game” the search engines rather it is to create a great, seamless user experience and communicate to the search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for relevant searches. Most importantly keywords are the indicators of your S.E.O results. If there is some sort of fluctuations in search engine rankings then it means that SEO efforts are starting to take effects.

current repairs

Now how will you be able to judge whether your SEO is going in right direction or not? Well, the answer usually depends upon the pre defined parameters which “Current Repairs” will let you know if your SEO is yielding results or not:

  1. Mainly, the keyword is the most important option if you really want to rank your website in search engine. Your SEO handling agency should suggest/provide you with the best keyword related to your industry/business to work upon.
  2. Secondly, agency should provide the SEO audit of the main website, what else can we do to related to ON-page SEO suggestion to get the quicker results.
  3. Thirdly the SEO agency should be using social media channels to promote the links/content agency made per month.
  4. They should provide monthly website traffic report from google analytics. Also it’s always recommended to share about the deliverables, monthly report and what improvement is needed to be done in different aspects. Make sure that the contents to be posted regularly for backlinks, social bookmarking etc.

All above never ever carry a mistake of ignoring the importance of SEO it can make your website in good books of search engine and similarly, if wrong SEO is done by an agency then it  can ruin the website in terms of ranking, position, traffic leads and ultimately revenue that will carry the effect up to years.

Introspect and then arise in a conclusion whether your SEO is heading in a right direction or not. Analyse this question in depth “have you been helped or hurt by an SEO agency”?


At last, how can SEO help your web presence become more profitable?

current repairs
For instance, your business is you are running an institute in Delhi (let say your website- providing training courses like cloud computing and java etc.

When your potential customers know about your institute being a renowned one can search directly for the upcoming courses by directly visiting the website.

But that counts to only 10% of the potential customers, 20% visits through social media marketing and references through past customers, rest 70% i.e very huge in numbers comes after searching through SEO keywords on Google like: Cloud Computing training in delhi or Best Cloud computing training institute in delhi etc and similarly Java training in delhi or Best java training institute in delhi etc.

If your website ( is ranking on the first page with these type of keywords, you are eligible for the 70% potential customers searching for your service and can turn them into your customers.

Thanks for reading.


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Reasons to manage the online reputation of your business in right direction!

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Nowadays companies/business owners are conscious about how they are being portrayed in the online world. The basic meaning of O.R.M is to create, manage and maintain your(company’s) image in a positive way. Most business owners are unaware about the importance of good online reputation as they are engulfed in their own orthodox kind of belief where O.R.M is either a hidden thing or it is less significant.

Business will always need somebody to manage their online reputation in a monthly period of time. Because of the high market demand and an intense rivalry in online stratosphere businesses need somebody like “Current Repairs” to make sure that their Online Reputation is handled correctly and results are more or less increased significantly of positive image in the eyes of potential customers.

current repairs

There are so many benefits of having an good O.R.M:

  1. Firstly more and more optimistic scenario of your’s will prevail in Internet.
  2. You will get an stealth that will deal with any negative comment or trolls which are very common on social media channels.
  3. Last but not the least, it will help you more to engage with the customers and let you know about their doubts, queries and a large perception about your company.

Now the most important part in what parameters you should judge an agency and hire them for managing your reputation online:

  • current repairs
  • You should look at their past work done in terms of suppression(burial) or permanent solution provider.
  • Ask for the deadline, there should be a pre-conditioned time period in which your things will sorted or done.
  • As you know there are many companies in the market which provides O.R.M services, never make a deal for lets say 3 months, 6 months or one year always judge their working based upon their first two months.
  • Moreover, check for the monthly report of the agency system with pre and post snapshots. Pre, defines the condition of the company business on google with mentioned position number and post defines result after starting the work like negative links are suppressing downwards and positive ones are coming upward.

Initial two months are critical to know whether the company is at par with your expectations or not. If you are impressed with their performance then you can surely hire them for maintaining your good image in the eyes of your potential customers.

The end results should be positive so that it can really upholds your positive image in online market. In case you felt that the results are not as expected, or there is a very slow progress in results then we are always here to provide you an auxiliary support.

You can hire us.

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Why Social Media Marketing is necessary for your business?

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Social media marketing is one of the strongest tool to quadruple your reach in a very short amount of time, by making inroads extensively into the heartlands of social media will cement your brand legacy in the minds of consumers. No matter what you sell , no matter how niche your product is you will always need social media to market your products in this ever changing world of business.

Some people are unable to understand the concept of the social media marketing , they frequently ask questions such as ‘How can social media is beneficial for my business’?. Well,believe me social media has got everything you need for your business to head in right direction.

current repairs

Just in case if you are having some more doubts related to this  then below are the reasons to clarify your preconceived notions:

  • Relationship building

It is an extravagant tool to build your relationship with your target audience. Relationship building is an exercise which consists of a trust factor in its core and to build trust you require a certain amount of time to make sure the equation between you and your customers are consistent. Its is said that perseverance is the key to develop some positive sprinkles in somebody else mind.

  • Targeting and positioning through ads

There has been phenomenal increase in social ads run by companies in various social media platforms . Social ads are one of the most inexpensive way of promoting your business. You can target your audience by running ad campaigns in various social media platforms.

  • Price advantage

No other platform can beat social media when it comes to price. Social media marketing campaigns has a distinctive  edge over any kind of other promotion manoeuvre. Also, if you hire an outside PR agency for your product promotion on social media then also the cost will be relatively cheap in co pared to the traditional form of marketing agency. The return on investment through the social media channels are just beyond the simple athematic calculations, its guaranteed much more then you can expect.

  • Brand loyalty

For a business nothing can be more precious then customers stick with your brand thick and thin. Look, If you have built your loyal base then no matter how fierce the competition is your company will always remain relevant in market. Social media helps you to create your brand image in such a way that it will spruce up your loyal consumer base. When you directly answers interacts with your consumers through social media, when you answer their each and every query, provide them some informative content about industry then you are increasing your reach and getting more and more people into your loyal gambit.

Hope these points are enough for you to understand that social media is an important tool for businesses. Our only advice is not to neglect any form of social media whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., off course initial period will be little bit rowdy however, after couple of months you will understand why there is so much emphasis on social media. As the famous saying goes ‘Being in business never say never to anything’.

Now, If you have already hired an external agency for social media marketing then judge yourself whether they are really doing the same or duping you with some manipulative things.