How Digital Marketing Course from Gurgaon is a Great Substitute to a MBA

How Digital Marketing Course from Gurgaon is a Great Substitute to a MBA

Today in this fast paced competitive world change is a constant. People in business are more bothered in getting things done, rather than who does it and that is why qualifications like MBA are taking a backseat and core competency than a hands on experience from Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon are the new buzz words.


With the Internet taking the world with a storm, everything is going online. From shopping to dating, from entertainment to networking. Everything is going online. And especially so in the commercial business world business be it B2B or B2C, all transactions are going online. And with this digital marketing boom we require Digital Marketers who can project and place the product correctly and invent a need and want for the particular product for the customer.


Ranging from SEO to online advertising, websites to Ad-Words, online marketing has a great future and with time will become the preferred medium for almost all advertising. An MBA degree is no more considered an entry ticket into the business world…you need experience, hard work, passion and online marketing skills to succeed in this cut throat competitive world.

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Let us look at some reasons why MBA is passe and why Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon is the future:-



Doing an MBA can cost you anywhere between 6 to 12 Lakh’s. Moreover most students take loans on heavy interest to fund their education. Many parents also mortgage their property or jewelry to provide for the education. This leads to intense pressure.

On the other hand Digital Marketing courses are much more reasonable ranging from 30k to 1 lakh or even less and moreover you can self-teach yourself to become a digital marketer too.

Thus being cost effective and in demand, digital marketing is certainly more beneficial financially and career wise for aspirants.



With so many MBA institutes coming up there is an oversupply of MBA graduates. Thus many graduates end up doing low end jobs paying Rs 10,000 or even less.

Digital Marketing on the other hand is a fresh profession in India and there is a huge demand for Digital Marketers as all business turn online and the net is the place to be. Internet Commerce is surely the future and there is no one denying that.



Digital Marketers can work from home and they can choose when to work, this gives them a good work life balance and a stress less life. On the other hand MBA graduates toil day and night for getting that 25 to 30 Thousand rupees. This gives the Digital Marketing profession a huge advantage.



Digital Marketing is a better paying profession and you can earn more by working more hours or on weekends. Also you can do freelance digital marketing in your free time to get that extra money.

MBA’s because of over supply are not raking in as much as they earlier did while digital marketers make good money and that to investing very little time.

As we can see the age of the MBA is long over. Here comes the Internet… comes e-commerce….here comes Digital Marketing, the question then is ….are you tech ready?

Hands down Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon is way better than an MBA ….Digital marketing is the Way to go.

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