All you need to know about the working of how Google AdSense works

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All you need to know about the working of how Google AdSense works

Thousands of publishers, all over the world, are using AdSense to earn money by merely advertising. However, the larger question we would be dealing with in this article is – What is Google AdSense, and how you can use it?


Google Adsense, simply put, is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program which allows publishers to insert a bit of HTML in their sites and have ads appear, which are relevant to the content of the website.


Moreover, this is one of the easiest ways for you to make money with your sites. Once you install the ad code, the AdSense spiders carefully analyze your page, check its inventory of ads, and use related ads on your web pages.

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1. What does Google say?

Google, in four steps, explains what how you can use AdSense, which are – Explore and Select the right Ads for your site, Choose where you want them to appear, Watch highest paying ads going live, and Make money! After accumulating a specific minimum amount, Google will send you your paycheck.

2. Successful Network

AdSense brings together people who are looking for spaces to advertise, and others who are looking for advertisements to fill their available spaces. AdSense network is massive, and this arrangement is profitable for all the parties involved. Moreover, with the ad network such as this, you will not stress more about selling the advertising space and will be able to focus more on creating quality content for your customers.

3. Demand for Active


For continuing making money from ads, it is necessary that you keep your AdSense account up to date, and active. Not only this, once every while, AdSense would require certain tune-ups to keep up the smooth performance. Another important aspect is to attract more and more traffic to your website, which will, consequently, make your AdSense efforts more fruitful.

4. Higher Degree of Control

AdSense gives you the autonomy to choose what ad you want on your webpage. Several striking features allow you to pick the ads which fit according to the content, style, and layout of your website, and there is a large pool for you to choose from. You are entirely in control of putting the ads, the way you want.

5. Optimizing and Measuring Performance

AdSense has an Optimisation page, which will provide you with the performance reports, as well as critical insights as to how you should improve your content and engage with the target audience. Other than these key engagement metrics, it will also measure your earnings, and provide tailored recommendations, which will help you to choose the right path for your website.

6. Mobile Friendly

AdSense also has a mobile app, and mobile-friendly ad formats, which can adapt to different screen size. This feature ensures that the users are always having a good experience with AdSense.

7. Before getting started

To get the approval for your website, you will need to ensure certain things, which are –
a. Make sure to include the About, Contact, and Privacy pages.
b. Always try to use original content.
c. Have the full ownership of the website, or have the permission of the owner.
d. Adhere to the AdSense program policies.

AdSense is a tool which won’t ask for much effort from your side, and yet, would help you make a lot of money, hence making the return on investment quite high. So what are you thinking now? Get AdSense for your website, and start making those extra effortless pennies!

Nischay Pasrija
Nischay Pasrija
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